We have been successfully programmed to see a particular way.

The more I have conversations, the more I notice how programmed we all are. Our developing nation has successfully separated the majority of us from our food supply (i.e. land) and have given it over to a few corporations to stock our stores. And we think that’s normal…”All for the sake of convenience!”

But when some citizens are hungry, the very government that created the policy to separate us from our food source says “pull yourself up” or grumbles itself into helping a little. I guess I can understand the efficiency of it but I also notice that our development is towards luxury and ease not total efficiency of societal living.

We have been programmed to receive help only in the form of a packaged product that has to be confirmed by a celebrity or an expert. We believe this, and it shows by how we package everything that we know for sale. I also see this in how people will refuse insight if it’s not packaged in a brand and on social media. I’ve also been with folk who, while around a person giving away free information that would be great for where they were working, responded by saying “they should do a workshop”.

What was lost to them was that they just got the information. They literally couldn’t see it without it being packaged. I’m not even trying to tell a joke.

We have allowed the decision-making bias of social-proofing to be the only way that we make decisions. I know that social-proofing is the easiest decision-making bias we have and that’s why marketers tap into it when selling. And we believe, almost naturally, that if it’s not for sale it’s not valuable. We seem to refuse to use our minds for anything deeper than things we can purchase. We are consumers. Let’s not forget that the internet is free, so is Wikipedia, and so is YouTube. The idea of open-source is driven by the notion that all information should be free.

I see the same idea with how we approach higher education too. Even though there are many public libraries and internet access, we still believe that getting in debt for information is the only way to go. I believe we can think of ways to get that information, network socially and still get to where we want to be. It may be harder because we’re going against the grain but it will definitely teach us some real skills.

All that I’m venting here to us is, “Please let’s use our critical thinking more. Let’s not allow cultural norms to consistently make our decisions just because it’s easier on our decision-making process.

I would love to see the next generation be more rigorous in their critical thinking as they move through life than my generation or more specifically, me.

And don’t think I don’t notice the slight irony of this entire piece. I’m just free-style venting.

Be Blessed. Push Forward.

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr all rights reserved


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