Through words we build. With words we divide. Words understood can bring healing. Misunderstood words can cultivate illness. This life is a war of which words we will allow to lead us.

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Why would we attach our spirit to words that are only hurtful to others and ourselves when expressing them? Why would we activate our power only for criticism then wonder why the world is crumbling? Just like the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem after coming from Babylonian captivity, those who stand to the side and criticize are never the ones who like to build.

When I finished this post, I thoughtfully decided to delete the rest of it because even though I would love to express the pov I see, I believe that the perspective I’m attempting to share needs you to sit with it for yourself. It was powerful for me and still is.

What do you hear from this concept:
Your breath is your POWER, your thoughts are your INSTRUCTIONS and your words are your TOOL.
What are you working on? Building, destroying or distractions?

Proverbs 26:18-28

James 3:13-18

Let’s not waste our power with gossiping. Find the blueprint for growth and peace then build. #PushForward #StillGrowing

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr all rights reserved


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