“I’m watching this unfold in my life fam!”

That was one of many random texts I got from a friend who walked through the groUP journey with me for two months. groUP is a biblical conversational 8-week commitment; it was created to increase the love of reading the scriptures by offering a simple psychological investigative approach to the stories.

In today’s social media driven world would people want that? I don’t know but I’ve heard young people asking for something more deeper. I began sharing groUP to others since the beginning of July 2018 and what I’m hearing is that people like the depth of the conversation.

This isn’t about sharing truths or doctrine but to engage everyone in a conversation about the stories – we go through it together. And of the nine people who have completed and are going through it right now, I’m happy to say that I’ve only spoken with 3 individuals. groUP wasn’t built to bring people to listen to me but to equip people to take others on the journey themselves.

Why would someone commit 2-months of their lives to something like this? Only they can say. I’ve heard some of what is said about the process but of the people that have completed it, they have said,

“I just have to pour out my heart to God in praise and thanksgiving for having gone through this. It made me want to reread the Bible again.” – Pastor

“This process made me wrestle with who God is and what He’s like when He’s going through life WITH me! It’s also made the Word and my understanding come alive!” – Coach

“It has taught me a new way to ask questions of the scripture and how to reveal things that I would have just skimmed over.” – Coach

Why am I sharing this?

Because in today’s world we actually consider sharing to be a digital thing more than a purposeful conversation over the phone or in person. In today’s world people go to church in their beds. If we don’t want to connect with others, we don’t. More young people are increasingly ok with learning from a video by themselves. This groUP process provides an in-between space for people to have conversation with the goal that they would have to share this with someone else also.

Would you believe that we curate our social media posts more than we curate our thought life for what we allow to post to our hearts? Have we replaced digital sharing for really sharing? Are we missing things like responding to a friend’s tone of voice and their way of explaining things in the moment or even having to present your point of view in real time? I think so.

What does committing to at least an 8-week long journey covering the groUP material mean? It means turning away from seeking a digital head nod towards a committed intention for Biblical transformation in the heart. Honestly, I don’t know what it will mean for you…I only know what others have told me it meant for them.

And to those who don’t attend a church, hopefully this could be the catalyst that would have us see the importance of gathering together consistently as the body of Christ at a local gathering.

Consider this an invitation. Come connect!

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved


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  1. groUP is a Kingdom platform! I thank God for the obedience of His servant Leader!

    Get the Word of God together. Meditate on the Word of God sincerely. Wrestle with the Word of God in a connective relationship. Experience God day to day. Be challenged, shaken, stretched and encouraged! Journey intentionally with God and man!

    I’ve been blessed and transformed. Who is God? Who is God with me? Who is God with us? The invitation is real and the organic nature of sharing has been refreshing and eye opening. groUP is a dynamic invitation to Discipleship!

    #MISHPAT #Kingdompriority

    • Thanks bro! Its becomes exponentially transforming the more i experience the organic conversations. Thanks for journeying with me. #KingdomHeirs

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