Someone once threw a rock through a spiders web. Then the spider cried and cried….then it blamed the rock thrower for the hole in its web. Every day the spider saw the hole in its web it sighed “I’ll never be able to fix that” said NO spider ever!

When something goes wrong in its web, the spider goes to work building up what it needs to live and to the specifications it wants. Everything it needs to build well is already inside of it.

On of the common sense “fixes” that athletes can do to help their performances is what we naturally understand of the connection between thoughts and attention. But instead of explaining it, do me a favor read these first:

Can you see the spider in that meme above?

Are your shoulders tight?

How does the bottom of your feet feel right now?

The very last person who you noticed pass by you, did you say hi to them?

By now you should know what happening. Here’s the point I’m making:

“Words direct your attention.”

Things don’t always go your way in sports or anything in life for that matter. But you get to choose where your attention will be…you don’t have to let your emotions trap your attention in its lair. You can direct it out of there. You don’t have to keep replaying the problem or whose fault it is, you can direct your attention to a solution. You can, because the ability is already inside of you! This is what The Core FOUR Sequence represents.

When you direct your attention to a solution it shakes your attention free from pity, irritation, discouragement and hopelessness and shifts it into determination, hopefulness and curiosity.

Your attention is more than what your eyes pick up, it also encompasses all your other senses including the spotlight that searches the inside of your mind. If you want to help free your attention from a bad space, think about addressing all of these things.

Look at inspiring photos. Go eat your favorite food (different from stress eating). Listen to uplifting music or talks. Get a hug from a close friend. Choose a solution that you’ve come up with, break it down into steps and go to work on it. Do all these with conscious purpose. This is not about finding the right answer, it’s about pushing forward.

I’m sure these tips aren’t new, but a good reminder never hurt, it only directs your attention. #PushForward

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