Part of being a great performer is knowing what not-performing feels like and getting to that place.

Athletes tend to ruminate over their games and it becomes a hindrance for the thing that is most helpful for a better ‘next’ performance – sleep. Even without a performance to think about, most people even find it difficult to stay in a quiet environment. Physical rest is good but have you ever gone to sleep yet woke up tired because your mind galloped all night?

Today’s blog is putting forth a challenge to you. Can you sit still and quiet for 1 minute and 32 seconds? That’s it!!

Why am I asking you to do this? I want you to know what it feels like to purposefully rest. You could be doing other things but you are choosing to do this. I’ll even help you out by posting a sunrise I caught while I was in St. Thomas earlier this year! The frogs in the background helps with the soothing process I’m attempting to create for you. You’ll also hear me taking pictures too! You down for this?

Here we go!

How’d you do? We have so many things overwhelming us that we actually believe that it’s normal if not helpful to be in a stressful mode…that is until you actually take a break and realize that that is just what you needed. I hope this 1:32 was that for you. Sometimes that’s all you need. #PushForward

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