This Thanksgiving feels different.

It feels somber. Maybe it’s because our nation has been hit with one natural disaster after another. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking about those in California who have lost all of their belongings. Maybe it’s because I’m remembering all of these mass shootings that have been taking place leaving parents, friends and siblings grieving during this holiday season.

This holiday season while we go around thanking God for life and laughing with our families, please make some time for prayer towards those who have lost everything they have. I’m certain this holiday season will be extremely tough for them. Pray for the migrant caravan. Pray for our youth. Choose one.

Give some of your time to make this a family moment, where we can think of others for a set time.

In my Toastmasters Library there is a story about giving that goes like this:

A witty person once said: “There are three kinds of givers in the world – the flint, the sponge, and the honeycomb.”

To get anything out of a flint, you must hammer it, and then you get only flint and sparks.
To get anything out of a sponge you must squeeze, and the more you squeeze the sponge, the more you will get.
But the honeycomb overflows with its own sweetness.

Some people are stingy and hard; they give nothing away if they can help it.
Others are good-natured; they yield to pressure, and the more they are pressed, the more readily and abundantly they give.
A few delight in giving without being asked at all, and of these, the Bible says: “The Lord loveth a cheerful giver.”

I read that today and like the sponge, I felt led to pray. I prayed. I also prayed that I could become more like the honeycomb.

Will you?

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