When I lived in California, I saw a remarkable spider’s web outside in my back yard, and I stood there gazing. I was looking because there was a small hole in the web’s design and I wanted to see if and when the spider was going to remodel its home. While hoping to watch a genius architect at work, I witnessed a bee fly straight into the web!

I know I’m about to see the animal planet live. I’m excited! I’m about to witness a struggle to the death!

This bee was unlucky. It landed to the right side of the small hole. If the bee had flown a half-an-inch to the left it could’ve gone straight through the hard-to-see web.

The bee wasn’t caught that well in the web though. It managed to land sideways, which allowed the bee one free wing and the use of some legs. And that was enough. The bee began to buzz and buzz trying to fly out, but the web was too sticky for the bee to dislodge the rest of its body from the web’s grasp. It seemed that the more the bee tried, the stickier the web became. The spider, seeing and feeling the melee in its web, began his descent to collect its lunch. But the bee wasn’t going without a fight. It refused to give in. It fought!

The bee kicked the spider’s face trying hard to defend the spider off with its free legs. While between battles, the bee was ignorantly (probably desperately) trying to stand up on the web. I hoped the bee realized that if it tried to stand it would get the rest of its legs stuck too. Apparently, the bee didn’t care; it just wanted out! While watching this match, I knew that the bee would eventually lose, and so did the spider – So, the spider retreated for a bit, probably to allow the livewire bee to wear itself out. Here’s where the action-drama begins! A dry brown leaf floated from a tree above and rested right next to the bee. As fate would have it, this one solitary leaf landed directly over the small hole. The spider saw this and tried to come back down to stop the bee’s escape. The bee immediately struggled to place its free legs on the dry leaf and with that footing was able to pull itself out of the spider’s web, stood on the leaf for a second, gathered its bearings and then flew away.

A story I’m sure the bee is telling to this day.

I remember being stunned at what I saw. There must have been a message there for me. I paused for a minute to reflect and see what I could pull from that bee’s adventure. And like the Siamese monsters on Sesame Street, I began to put these two words together. “Bee…Leaf.” “Bee..Leaf.” “Bee.Leaf.” BELIEF!!!

I got a lot of principles from seeing this show of nature but let me tell you about one of them. Belief is the foundation that you must be committed to in order to stand in life, especially when trying to escape from those people in your life whose words, like webs, try to wrap you into their world.

Belief will make you push forward when people think that you should fold. The Leaf that we stand on as Christians–the foundation that we use to start off right in life and get free from the webs we normally rest in, is our faith in what God says about us.

Be Free. Be Blessed. You are an overcomer. #PushForward.

© 2018, Ira Webbe Jr, all rights reserved




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