A long time ago, a man lived who gazed at the stars all night long. He believed that the stars revealed what the future would hold and he called himself an astrologer. One night, while he was out for a walk and gazing at the stars, he had a terrible premonition that the world would soon come to an end. Suddenly, he realized he had just fallen into a hole full of mud and water.

He frantically began to call for help. He was up to his ears in muddy water and the pit was so slippery he slid back down each time he tried to climb out. Finally a fellow villager came to his rescue.

My friend“, said the villager, “what good is it to read the future in the stars if you cannot see what is at your feet?”   [story by: Eileen K. Van Kavelaar]

The moral of the story is…pay attention to the present.

I don’t know of any organizations that don’t know what they want for its future; they have charts, forecasts and imaginations of what the company could be.

Ask any athletic director or coach and you’ll hear of great ideas of moving towards perennial contenders and getting a ‘chip’. Every program wants that! Here’s a question that I asked an athletic director recently about that goal: “What are you doing differently to counteract what we know is a different mental structure of today’s young people?

We can’t do the same things we’ve been doing but with more effort. I once heard Steve Covey share an idea that says something like ‘we can’t give more effort to reading a map of Portland while we’re in New York and think it’ll help us better navigate the streets of New York.

Or how about this one, “You can’t solve a problem using the same level thinking that was present when it was created.

What can program’s do to deal with ‘what is at their feet’? Give the athletes a greater understanding of themselves and reveal to them the levers of mental functioning and control. And because a coach’s plate is full, it should be something simple.

Coaches, you already know the importance of mindset. You don’t need someone to share about that. You already know the importance of relationship building and being a team. You already know about motivation!

Here’s something that you can use NOW! The Core FOUR Sequence. This increases self-awareness and reveals the functions of self-control. Click the link above. JOC is placing a problem-solving option at your feet. You just have to be willing to read and it’ll be free for you.

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