It’s the holiday season again! I want to thank all the folk who take the time to read my posts and those who consider what is being said.  This time of year is supposedly the most joyous moments for us but recently I’ve realized it isn’t that for some.

This year is different for me. It seems like I’m attracting people who are emotionally hurting. A person came around me searching for answers on how to go through the season when they’ve lost a loved one. How do you make it through that when people are smiling around you because their family is still with them?

Last week, another person confided in me that they are struggling with their decreasing health in these times. What can I do?

I wish I had the solution for these folk but all I have to give them is time and an ear. I can make sure that they are being heard and that I care enough to slow down. I’m thankful that they think enough of me to open their hearts and share.

This holiday season I’ll take off from posting. I’ll start up again next month.

God Bless. Make sure you slow down enough this season to notice those who are suffering. Make sure you’re open enough with someone so that they can be an ear to listen. Be safe going into the new year!



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