I hope your Christmas season was better than the one before! Another year has come and gone and we’re 7 days into this new one. Usually we make new year’s resolutions and then find ways to continue following what we’ve set up. Right?

Well this year I’m trying something different and you’re invited to do it too!

I’m focusing not on my resolve to accomplish something but on the resolution God set up for himself towards those in faith! In the gospel according to Matthew chapter 6 verses 25-34, Jesus reveals that humanity is of far more value than nature and yet nature has been beautified by God with nothing lacking.

Jesus continues by highlighting how with precision and inspiration the grass we see daily is fashioned – it never has to toil for its covering.

Jesus reveals that His resolution is to make sure that you aren’t anxiously toiling for your needs. He just needs you to have faith that what’s planted in you will build itself.

My resolution this year is to allow God to be able to do His. (click the link above and read the verses)

#Rest #KingdomFirst


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