When I taught my College course “Psychology of Sport” at Nyack College, one of my favorite sections was the ‘Group and Team Dynamics’ portion. Why? Because what sometimes they class didn’t notice was that I was teaching them on something we were already experiencing together with our time together.

This month is recognized in America as Black History Month, and while we highlight the movement of blacks through the building of America in February, we also experience that very movement every day of the year. History is always being written.

America however, is populated with different ethnicities who, in order for America to progress, interact with one another. This dynamic is what makes remembering history so visceral – some interactions are horrible.

In teaching group dynamics, two perspectives always stayed with me: 1) there is a difference between a group and a team and 2) one part of a group structure is its norms. Keep reading I’m going somewhere.

Sometimes it feels like America supposes itself to be a team but it really is a nation of groups; each of these groups have their own norms and it shows through level of performance, pattern of behavior and beliefs.

When we act, we all act with the future in mind. Hopefully. As we push forward, I want us to think about these 4 principles found in the Core 4 Sequence. Maybe it can begin to help our separate groups become a team. For the future of humanity maybe we will.

For those groups who want to elevate their norms, meditate on these 4 and connect with others who are about pushing forward!

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  1. That video is an experience. Many words come to mind. I guarantee that people (with any kind of awareness) can’t watch that just once! I’m pretty sure I had all the basic emotions while engaging this blog submission. That’s noteworthy. Thanks for caring and being bold enough and responsible enough to take the conversation in a pure direction. I pray that this blog and video is seen widely and engaged often! Let’s continue the conversation no matter the comfort level. Push Forward!

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