A Leader is not about who is in front but who is first.

Huh? What does that even mean?

Imagine that you are in a race and your fellow racer is a lap ahead. They have perfect form and lengthy strides. But by the end of the race, your hand is up in victory. How? Why? Because they didn’t start on their mark. So for the entire race while it seemed like you were behind, you were first.

Racing is not just about running strong, it’s about starting where you were supposed to start. The race I’m running is within the personal development industry by way of sport psychology education.

The personal development industry is a $10billion/yr industry and is forecasted to increase to $13billion by 2022. For an industry whose aim is to help people help themselves, isn’t it ironic that while its profitability is rising so is the anxiety and depression of our nation’s populous?

Here is my take. We’ve been selling our perfect form and lengthy strides instead of showing folk the mark. Our marketing tends to imply that others should mimic the strides folk who are “successful” are taking – from their morning routines to their night time habits and everything in between. That type of constant comparison can make what should be normal stress an overbearing burden.

If we want “self-help” or to embrace happiness or become a better ______ or be the best performer, we need to get on OUR mark not duplicate someone else’s stride! Personal development is about understanding how to lead ourselves not follow others. I believe there’s a strong distinction between leading yourself to follow someone and just merely following someone – the distinction is found in the full self-awareness of the conscious choice.

I was fighting to discover then share the personal development starting mark for my family, my friends, their children and myself. I was fighting so that we no longer would fall prey to those priest-like figures whose goal is to baptize us under the waves of emotion then have us rise again as new creatures in their image and their likeness and lead us to the “promised land”. I’m fighting for my family to not be caught in this reincarnating movement.

Journey Of Champions is fighting to ground those around us on a truth embedded in the personal development industry that will last past our lifetimes and doesn’t change because of the shiny new personality or buzzword emerging from within popular culture.

Finding the starting blocks of this industry and making it plain was our growth pain. What is the mark of personal development? Where does it start?

The Core 4 Sequence (C4S) is the mark of personal development. It is the starting blocks.

How can I make such a blatant statement? Simple. In order to develop a behavior we have to be able to move, right? Can we move without activating our Core 4 Sequence? The C4S is the fundamentals of personal development. And forever is. Not because I say so but because it was so before I came into the picture with a picture.

The C4S journey has its apexes (in terms of mastery not completion). The journey never really ends but by going through the process of sharpening your Attention you find clearer Vision; when you sharpen your awareness of Energy/Emotions you it uncovers Purpose; if you overcome doubt and begin to sharpen your Skills, Wisdom & Excellence are the result; and sharpening your understanding of your Thoughts brings about community/communion; and to sharpen your Rest Stop means that you’ve come to grips with Acceptance.

My goal as a professional isn’t to get people to follow me in my lane. My growth is in getting people on their mark so they can be the leader in theirs.

Who is first? Who controls you?

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