Imagine that you were abducted by aliens and pulled into their world. You aren’t in servitude to any being and at the very least that freedom has given you the opportunity to make your own way in their world.

What would your prominent thoughts be?

You probably already know the answer, because it’s most likely the same thoughts that naturally drive us when we’re born – surviving, reproducing and thriving.

If those are truly our driving thoughts, how did religious thought become an important option vying as a foundational driver for life? And across cultures? Why should we think about the kingdom of God first (Christian pov)?

Many people take the natural journey and thrive, yet claim that something is missing. What is? Others are still on their journey, hoping that they’ll discover a missing perspective when they “make it”, but are too busy hustling to notice that they’re on the same path heading to the exact vantage point.

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy. – Spike Milligan

In America we are wholly constituted to suppose that happiness is the goal for which our drives craves. And money exponentially increases our drive’s ability to be well.

How about us? Where are we right now? Are we just starting off on your journey? Or are we finally making promotional strides and are able to go to those events we’ve always dreamed of attending but our budgets never allowed?

Regardless of where we are, here is a certainty.

The older we become, we desire more than to invite folk to events we’re attending; we actively pursue events with others for the sake of seeing the depths of someones personality through their interactions – these moments are the ‘becauses’ of love.

The foundation of a thriving life is more complex than our ability to pay for things (although it will be crappy not being able to) or our ability to visit rare places. We always hold deeper things more valuable, because they last longer. Maybe that’s how religious thought came to be – storytelling those deeper ‘becauses’ in our lives.

For this Christmas season, can we be more mindfully thankful for the gift of life that houses our abilities more than deifying our abilities over and above other’s lives?

Eventually, we all get to that thought. The older we become, the more we appreciate the things we’ve taken for granted.

Time. Space. Mind.

The fine-tuned harmonics of these 3 can create the very joy that we often only express seasonally.

Can we express more patient hopefulness instead of always being short with folk?

Can we spread kindness through space in our presence instead of radiating conceit or even envy?

Can we choose the honorable action to express toward others instead of actions that are solely self-serving?

Yes, we can do those things, but we won’t be aware of the driving reasons to do so if we won’t seek the ‘becauses’ of life. Some wealthy folk have found their path.

Why have YOU been gifted a Life to experience? What prominent thoughts come up?

Living through this idea is what we call The Journey Of Champions – Know God, Know Self, Believe, Love.

We journey and discover the reasons for OUR season of life.

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  1. The journey is our opportunity to go beyond the chaos and pressure of “making something of ourselves”. There is rest in discovering that WE’ve been enough from the start (fearfully and wonderfully made). The external race is a veil; a facade to achieve and accumulate stuff; Truth is inherently found in starting on our intended mark (internally). And then recognizing that WE aren’t more fulfilled by finishing first; WE run best side by side taking time to appreciate that WE “move” TOGETHER – REST! Where did that ability come from?
    Forever Grateful to God, Ira and Journey of Champions

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