Cultural icons have a way of renaming the beauty of meaning. Kobe Bryant did just that. He did what Michael Jordan didn’t do – name his drive and shared it. Maybe that’s why storytelling was the appropriate next move for the Mamba. And the Oscar proves that i guess. Kobe had introspection and the ability to put it into words for us.

Aristotle, in attempting to describe Ancient Greek’s cultural term, Arete, proclaimed that any pursuit that renders a free man’s body, soul and mind useless towards practicing the highest expression of themselves and their skills is a vulgar pursuit void of true nobility and manliness and others who follow such empty pursuits reflect the nature of animals, slaves and servants.

That Ancient term Arete is what the Mamba Mentality is – the relentless pursuit of your best expression. Kobe was the progressing embodiment of what the Ancient Greeks envisioned when they shaped their culture and formed the Olympics.

This is more than what results we can accomplish through our body, it is first about how we furnish our soul/mind; and it’s how we never lose that furniture nor the room we placed it in.

We may shift the furniture around for a different feel but we never get rid of them. Kobe never worried about shifting out of basketball because he understood and embraced this.

An athlete, in the Ancient Greek literary world, simply meant someone who fights, contests and struggles for a prize/goal; it wasn’t only used to represent sport figures.

Kobe wasn’t more than an athlete, he was an athlete. And if we have goals we’re reaching for, so are we. That’s why Mamba Mentality resonates so remarkably with us.

The idea that Kobe named isn’t new and it can never be gone. It was here from the beginning of time. If it wasn’t, we couldn’t be here to witness a person who embodied it and was creative enough to chisel Mamba over it and share it with us all.

I personally don’t like snakes nor would even want to be identified with one, but I’m not Kobe!

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