I have meditated on part 1 of my performance psychology strategy of analyzing my internal world because of our current cultural climate for a few days now.

I’ve gotten to speak with some friends, pastors and business folk about their pov and listened to some podcasts. I’m trying to get different vantage points so I can be as objective as possible without losing my voice.

The first question I tackled was “What do you see?”

My next question in this process is:

What do you NOT want to see?

This question is meant to highlight the consequences that could happen if what I see continues and this question can also uncover some of the hidden emotions that are triggered by foresight’s narrative.

I don’t want to see Black Americans merely turn this moment into a big history lesson because we haven’t yet done the psych work to overcome our undirected overwhelm to our memories of collective trauma. Do the work. It doesn’t change the feelings but it unclogs the overwhelm by finding a forward-looking purpose for the energy. [emotion: frustration]

I don’t want to see Black Americans act as if economic disparities shackles our minds from using stratagems. [emotion: anger]

I don’t want to see that the only thing we got from this moment are some good social media photographs, celebrity photo-ops and media sound bites that will be great for the history books but not for the people who need change. [emotion: discouragement]

I don’t want to see Black Americans feeling or acting hopeless. Although the world showed up to say that what they saw in the George Floyd incident was reprehensible, they may not fall on the same political side of every person marching. Don’t feel hopeless because of that. [emotion: hopeful]

I don’t want to see the police institution remain like a separate entity from the community that it protects and serves. I mean that instead of the police feeling like they are a self-protecting gang, the entire community itself, including the police, should feel like they are in this thriving project together. In the same way that a parent punishes their kid but the love isn’t absent nor lost. (Admittedly this seems almost impossible…hard to know how this would start.) [emotion: curious]

I don’t want to see the self-proclaimed church continue to act like they aren’t meant to speak on all political matters. I see politics, or at least the procedural application of it, as the curating of thoughts that can help govern the interactions among citizens. Church, if we don’t see politics as aligned with the application within teaching righteousness and justice, shut your doors.
(side note: the church is not a building nor is it a 501C3)

And Church, righteousness has broad applications and we don’t always have to myopically go to what we truly believe is the core of righteousness – the message of the cross. And I don’t want to see the church only “show up” with selective outrage on the matters that are easily noticeable and lessen their ire for other matters that can be hidden. [emotion: irritated]

Let me give an example so no one takes my perspective to places I didn’t mean:

When Jesus was presented with the lady caught in adultery, he judged the right thing given the situation. Although Jesus kept his core opinion on the sin, he judged so as to make the interaction between the people involved more transparent, merciful and true. We should adjust to do the same.

This wasn’t fun for me because part of me wanted to list things I knew other people would agree with. I had to remember that this was an exercise for me. You can do the same. Try it. It’s cathartic.

The next question in my process is:

“What do you want?”

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