I never thought that this process would have opened up the amount of deep conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues because of what they’ve read in these posts. I appreciated every connection.

Before I get into answering my final question in my process, I want to mention how inadequate what I’ve said and am going to say is towards the change that can happen now in the larger picture of national change. This process is, however, good for personal change and psychological release.

Quick message. All communal change begins with individual interactions. Says me. It’s paramount that we are able to make that interaction meaningful by curiously seeking to understand another person. But in order to de-anchor ourselves from our own internal world, we have to have dealt with our internal “waters” and psychological ecosystem.

Ok. Let’s wrap this up.

To catch up on the previous two posts click here for Question 1 and here for question 2.

My next question in the 3-question process is:

What do you want?

This question is meant to reveal if your own personal values sparked your emotional response or someone else’s did. The process of answering this question also demands for you to find your place in the solution – meaning, what are you doing to bring ‘what you want’ about?

What do I want? For me this question highlights complications within my mind. I really would like to answer from a BIG PICTURE results perspectives (like policy changes for policing or education) but I believe that even if we get those changes, if we don’t get a stronger managing control over our individual minds and personal decision making processes we will always fall back into the pit of despair.

Here’s what I want.

I want us to be able to keep, build and protect what we have.

I want us to be able to shift into a mindset of strategic economics. Instead of merely being job seekers, we should be active and purposeful in targeting segments of the production cycle for business placements.

I want young people to be taught not trained. Being taught requires independent thinking, trained demands a non-questioning submissive disposition. Right now we train youth to fit into the world-of-work. I believe that they can have the same job but with a different mindset. It’s the difference between elevating to a strategic executive position and topping off mentally at a manager’s role.

I want us to be able to access our skill-sets even in the midst of unsuccessful moments and successful ones. I want us to stay focused on whatever plan and purpose to which we’ve subscribed.

It shouldn’t be surprising that all of my wants have to do with the individual and not the system. It’s not because I don’t think the system has to change. I’m just a performance psych guy. I don’t speak for everyone but I do speak of a path everyone must take – self awareness.

Every person has a role to play. Just like Federal Judge Thelton Henderson, while he didn’t march for civil rights, he did his part, his path. He gave the best of his skill set for fighting civil rights his way. And I thank him for giving himself to service.

It’s been said that it’s better to give than to receive. So what do I bring to the table that will help people be able to do what I want to see happen? (see video below). Engaging what I mention in the video won’t change you right away but the implications and the meditation on what I mention, will increase your desire to manage yourself more.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy.

The events that I mentioned in the video that caused me to study psychology can be found in the story found at this link.

I hope we find the power hidden in the different voices during these times. Differences don’t divide they distinguish.

“I’m not different from you, I’m different like you.” – Octavius Black

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