This new space in our culture called “cancel culture” where any person who disagrees with the growing popular perspective or have made a misstep verbally or behaviorally, whether in the present or in the past, can be cancelled (i.e. have economic means negatively impacted) is the epitome of a self-defeating movement.


This is not the first time this culture existed. And it will end in the same way the old one is ending now.

When was this culture here?

More prominently, it was seen after the reconstruction era of American History.

Imagine being a black person working in the south and feeling the spit of a white person’s emotional tirade while they are belittling you and your human-hood. You want respond but because you want to keep your job and possibly your life, you remain silent. Silenced by the popular culture of the times.

Imagine walking home after work or catching a bus after you’ve just been ridiculed only to face shame again by white men, women and kids. You want to say something but the majority culture will make life a living hell for you and your family. This is hour after hour of social pressure just because of the color of your skin.

Imagine going home to a full house of kids knowing that what you’re getting paid isn’t enough to get by and you want to say something about unfair labor practices but if you do you may lose that very house you are struggling to afford to a burning. You are silenced by the popular culture and because you don’t want to be cancelled, literally.

The Klu Klux Klan was the caricature of that era’s “cancel culture”.

Social media apps are ours.

Both functionally act the same – cloaked so as to hide one’s identity and may easily find out where you live.

The result of this culture always will be the same as the book of Isaiah 59:14 exclaims: Truth is laid dead in the streets.

The tail is becoming the head and the head is slowing becoming the tail. The system of this kind of happening has a name – it is ouroboros. The spirit that is ouroboros devours its old manifestation and rebirths a new manifestation.

But we can change. This present moment is a high leverage moment and while the past generations may not have foreseen their great great great great grandchildren being affected by them embodying cancel culture, we know what the cycle will do to our progeny if we continue down this path.

Everything will repeat itself, if left to itself. We can change it.

If the best we can do when wielding power is to forcefully shut someone else’s opinion down, I doubt our overall intentions are good, even if they are.

Opinions allow truth to do what its purposed to do – give people freedom of choice, experiences to observe and perspectives to discover. If we are choosing growth we must allow for different opinions. We can’t find truth without dissenting opinions in the same way that nothing can exist without a contrast.

But don’t take my word for it. It’s just my opinion.

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