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Journey Of Champions provides the conversation & the map (The Core 4 Sequence) that activates & guides mental muscles towards its journey of development!

7 thoughts on “About JOC

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog. Like your mission statement. I work with student-athletes as a sports counselor and mental skills trainer in New Jersey and other parts of the “sports world”. Wish you the best with all your endeavors. Anthony

  2. One of the greatest gifts we can receive from our fellow man has nothing to do with materialism. There is peace in being invited into the process of a person’s growth and development. I have watched you stand amongst collapsing ideals (worldly, if you will) all around you. You have staked your allegiance in seeking the Kingdom of God and the years have shown me conviction st it’s best. I am thankful that you gave me access BUT I’m forever grateful that I’ve witnessed the endurance! The value of that is immeasurable and it will be the catalyst that adjusted the course of my heart, life and lineage. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” – Joshua 24:15
    Thank you sincerely brother. I pray that all who know you get to understand the depth of your purpose! I pray that the Lord remember your humility and allegiance to His Word and Call! Blessings!

    1. I thank God for having you and Gina in my life. Man, thank you for taking the journey with me. Only God could know the necessity of having you as a friend. My life’s vision has already been adjusted because of you and your allegiance to the kingdom (Luke 4:18). So I guess we’re even.

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