“I’m also working on finding my writing voice through the blogs I write for this site. The blog has 3 categories: Faith, Excellence, and Leadership, and those 3 categories together is equated to One Mile – I’m attempting to blog for 1,000 miles.The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step, right? I’m not an excellent writer but I’m working on it. Check some of the blog posts…see you inside!”

Ira Webbe Jr. MBA (Coach Ira) created the process called Journey Of Champions™ (JOC) from his “Psychology Of Sports” course that he taught as an adjunct professor @ Nyack College.

Being around a DII athletic department for 7 years, Coach Ira witnessed programs being built from scratch and the efforts taken to affect buy-in and mental strength.

Through what was learned from those experiences and his Performance Psychology knowledge base, Coach Ira boiled down all that insight into a simple, evidence-based yet conversational model that is easy for coaches to embed within their programs –
The Core 4 Sequence®

He has earned a B.A. in Psychology & an M.B.A. with a specialization in Sport Psychology.

“I’m all about trying new things outside of my comfort zone. I’ve tried mountain biking (not that good), surfing (need more work), golfing (too stressful), deep-sea fishing (didn’t have the stomach), camping (I loved that!) and even some things that I still have to do. I got the list. In December 2009 I took a comedy class and did a stand-up routine…twice! Anxiety provoking but I did it!”

Marquis Julien (Coach Marquis) is an authorized JOC Coach. He has leveraged his knowledge of The Core 4 Sequence within his work with Middle School Youth of Moreno Valley, Ca to create a cultural space where youth are challenged to become responsible for their actions and the youth embrace that challenge willingly.

Coach Marquis led Badger Springs’ Middle School after-school sports
program (i.e. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Flag Football) and during 2017-2019 have won trophies in all sports as a result of the youth being exposed to the Core 4 standard curriculum. His greatest feat, according to him, is watching his student-athletes learn to be accountable for their individual growth more than they desire to measure success by trophies.

“The moment a child can begin to accept responsibility for themselves, their window for opportunity opens wide! Self accountability is a tool that all youth can use to be the change they want to see in their spheres of influence. I challenge my students to be in control of themselves first because this sets a foundation for being someone who is called to lead.”