The Kingdom Of God. What is it? Why does Jesus hold its value as higher than every other worthwhile valuation that we hold? This process challenges our perspectives about life. This isn’t about gaining truths, it’s more about finding the right questions and taking what’s found and seeking Christ’s mind through our own meditation. We are attempting to grasp the pov of Christ.

Let’s just get into what this process is going to be like! Consider this an invitation to journey with us!

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What is it?
groUP is an 8-session biblical-based discussion group that brings out fresh perspectives from Bible stories and ideas using a performance psychology pov. It’s been fashioned to be an aid to a discipleship process and gives you an expansive perspective of God.

How large is the group?
It can be as small as 2 people, and for optimum opportunities to discuss, as large as 8. Discussions done by phone or skype.

Who is it for?
It’s for any person who wants to grow up in Christ. But in particular, it is for youth between the ages of 18-25.

How does the process work?

1st UP – The Foundation Session
The understanding in the foundation session centers around the 4 phase-framework for transformation found in Mark 4:15-20. This framework becomes the thoughtful avenue that all other principles or perspectives we find throughout the other 7 UP-sessions (UPs) must conform to in order for transformation to happen in our lives.

The 4 Phases of Transformation:

*The breakdown of the 3rd Phase of transformation centers around:
– the resurrection of Christ and what that says about the kingdom of God and you.
– we wrestle with ideas like ‘There are two ways to look at life, God’s and humanity’s
– Have we really considered what we think about God in terms of His relevancy in our daily lives?


What do you need to do to get started? How much does it cost?
As long as we both have aligning free time, going through the process is FREE!

If you are on the fence about the worth of this journey, you can also reach out to me and ask for me to explain the framework within the foundation session without having to commit to the other 7 sessions. We believe that the foundation session will be so intriguing that you will accept the invitation to enter The Journey Of Champions “groUP Project!”

What are some of the takeaways of going through this process?

  • Learning the spiritual discipline of meditation, study, worship and purposeful engagement
  • Learning what Godly wisdom is compared to the culture’s wisdom
  • Understanding the intentional transformational process found in scripture
  • Learning to think critically (abstractly & deep) about the scriptures and excellence and how it supports Christian discernment
  • Learning how relevant faith is to daily life choices

This project’s goal is to give those that accept the invitation an internal systematic framework for ‘renewing your mind’.

When Jesus ascended, He left us with 3 Greats:

1) The Great Commandment – LOVE

2) The Great Calling – EQUIP

3) The Great Commission – GO

This Journey Of Champions Project is fashioned to aid in the equipping disciples of Christ.

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