What do We Do?

Same information
Different Conversation

“Transferring applicable information
for behavioral development
is more of an ART than a science.”
– Coach Ira

We facilitate behavioral development conversations in 3 ways

“This helped me to think things out clearly instead of making
decisions out of emotion.” (13yr old @ after-school program)

Thematic Small Group Sessions

We facilitate group sessions for:

– Self Control
– Decision Making
– Common Mental Barriers
– Dealing with mistakes
– Priority Of Values
– Empathy

This approach is great for:

– “at risk” youth
– after school programs
– religious youth groups

STARTS AT $100 per session

“It’s easy. It gave me a different perspective in sport and in life and allowed me to control my emotions much better. It’s crazy how many things that I think of through the Core 4 now!” – NCAA DII conference champion (Golf)

Introduction to
The Core 4 Sequence (C4S)


1. How to use conversation and the C4S to scaffold your behavioral/performance development efforts

2. Understand the evidence-based grounding infused into the C4S

3. Get Core 4 Strengthening exercises for each psychological element

4. SIX weekly live on-line conversations taught by Coach Ira

You’ll know this is for you if:

– your youth get easily irritated when asked to take responsibility for actions, gives up when tasks outweigh their skills or identify too much with performance outcomes that they miss the ability to become resilient

– you’re looking for an easy way to introduce performance psychology information to students or athletes

– you’ve been looking for an applied personal development model that allows you to build your own processes on top of it

This education approach is great for:
Sport Coaches
Youth Pastors

(works great with a cohort of at least 3 persons)

An Invitation into JOC

We are looking to partner up with community leaders and share our
ultimate vision for building a sustainable behavioral development
approach for communities.

Our 3-phase process does not replace any existing program. We have
formulated our process with cooperation in mind and carved out our
niche – storytelling (mapped out with evidence-based knowledge).

We have established a behavioral development portion of a Community Development Plan.

Let’s talk about it!