What do We Do?

Same information
Different Conversation

“Transferring applicable information
for behavioral development
is more of an ART than a science.”
– Coach Ira

“This helped me to think things out clearly instead of making
decisions out of emotion.” (13yr old @ after-school program)

The Core 4 Sequence Strategy

This strategy uses The Core 4 Sequence as the framing point of view for all of your interactions with your youth or young adults’ development.

We share with you the best approaches, based on your team or group, to engage them in self-directed learning.

What we will find out is that The Core 4 Sequence is perpetually true, so usable for generations to come!

This Strategy’s GOAL is to have its users be skilled at:
1. Priming their mind for action
2. Reflecting precisely for progression

You can use this strategy with:

– athletes
– “at risk” youth
– after school programs
– religious youth groups

Introduction to
the groUP Strategy

groUP is a Christian Discipleship strategy. It is meant to spark users engagement with the Bible and ignite their minds to think critically about the narratives.

Inherent in the approach is the idea that when you journey through Volume 1, you are asked to take someone else through the journey too.

(works great with a cohort of at least 3 persons)

An Invitation into JOC

We are looking to partner up with community leaders and share our
ultimate vision for building a sustainable behavioral development
approach for communities.

Our 3-phase process does not replace any existing program. We have
formulated our process with cooperation in mind and carved out our
niche – storytelling (mapped out with evidence-based knowledge).

We have established a behavioral development portion of a Community Development Plan.

Let’s talk about it!